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Show us your fishing dogs!

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My old perchhound "The Frick". He can't go anymore because of weak/shaking back legs, he was my fishfinder for many years. When he would bark, I'd throw the anchor. 2/3rds of the time he was accurate. Some things a dog just does on it's own. When he was a month old puppy he upset many people on sodus bay ice fishing. He got away from me and must have sniffed every hole on the bay. He was a perchhound since and sad I don't have a pic of him on the boat. Got a little pup a few months ago, he has lots to learn, but a pic from a few days ago. 1st time on the boat, Silver Lake. Screenshot_20190411-105347_Gallery.jpg20190821_183434.jpg

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Outstanding! I'll be there in ur shoes one day also.

Stunning pics and what a great idea for a thread. Our dog died just after Christmas and I said "never again" because of the pain of having to put him down but after seeing the pics I have re-visited the issue and my wife put in an application yesterday for another rescue dog


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Had to put my little squirty dog down this spring...he was 19!  He loved walleye.  I used to cook up the trimmings for him after filleting so often he knew smelling them in the net if it was an eye.  Had to be careful or he would try to chew threw the net for a walleye, but would turn his nose up at a bass.


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Thats to funny Justin!!! Yeah mans best friend surely shines bright in this awesome thread!! I to had to put my beagle down not long after my father in law passed one. Those 2 went everywhere. The vets told me this isnt uncommon when the pet is close to the one that passed on. I also said NO more pets, the household was turned upside down. Grandpa passed away and 8 months later the dog got very sick and his way of life would have been terrible. Not fair how things go sometimes, but a year later we got a pup from one of my buddies that still run dogs. Ollie is definitely my dog and I'm the na sayer to the dog

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