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happy birthday skipper19 and 10mtndave


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Thanks guys!!!

This year I get to have exactly that: Round 1 and Round 2 (Hell of a lot better than in the past)

I have to wait for the big "Super Bowl" Party here in Iraq. This whole thing kicks off ot 0400 local time but if I have to have beer for breakfast or no beer at all, looks like breakfast it is!

Kind of surprised the "Powers that be" relaxed the "No Alcohol" rules for the event, but I am not even complaining about the 2 drink limit. We are all wondering what brand the beer will be. It is a safe bet that it won't be Genny Cream.


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Thanks fellas... the virtual beers are almost as tasty as the virtual fishing on here...Next weekend I'll be out plying the icy surfaces of some local lakes.. but for now just wastin' time at the office in Salt lake City... be down at Pico Rivera Cali tomorrow morn.. then the office will be in sunny San Diego Mon morn. Got a ways to go to get out there on the ice but will be in the Rochester office on Friday 30th....Until then,.. Cheers back atcha :beer:


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