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Eagles and Muskies, Lake of the Woods, Canada

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Sharing a memory from this year.


Its late September and Bob Holden and I are fishing in Canadian Esox's Musky Tournament. Bob is an accomplished multi species angler.

Fishing has been poor with rain and fog in the morning and bluebird sky in the afternoon. Its now late in the day and we have only time for one more troll at Forest Island.

We released our lures. I let out a Live Target Sucker and Bob let out a white Jake made by Drifter Tackle. Suddenly my line went skyward followed by Bob's.

We looked up and there was an eagle overhead with our cranks, one on each talon. It was frantic! What to do? We reeled it in to the back of the boat. Bob then put his leather gloves on and I found a paddle. At the boat the eagles wings beat like hammers across the stern. I placed the the blade of the paddle between Bob and that great beak. Upside down the bird began to relax. Bob carefully removed the cranks and released the bird. Released the eagle half swam and half flew to Forest Island. There it rested a bit and then flew up on to the highest tree where it perched in disgust.  We continued our troll.


Wish we had a camera.




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Thats a crazy story. We see quite a few eagles these days around PA, OH, and NY. I’ve thought about that happening.

The last two springs, we caught loons trolling for muskies. Each time the loons hit while swimming under water and we initially thought we had muskies both times. The loons probably aren’t as bad to unhook as an eagle.

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I caught a Loon in Brown Bay across from Kinston Ontario, casting a Mepps Giant Killer.  After quite a battle and some boatside crazyness, I managed to unhook him and released back to the wild. I had my hands full with that bird.  I cant imagine dealing with a Eagle.  Cool story !!

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