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Curing salmon

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Yesterday I was given a big slab of Russian style cured salmon. It’s better than any smoked salmon than I have ever eaten. Does anyone here cure their salmon instead of smoking it?



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Good morning Rol-man......I prepare a product known as Gravlox which is a Scandinavian version. I usually bring it to a Holiday party especially New Years.

It is really an easy prep, and the next time I get to it, I'll have you here to see. Or you can see the recipe on page 17 in the Silver Palette Cookbook

( ? edition ). I use Wegman's salmon fillets about 5 pounds total cut from the center section for good fit. They say serve with Vodka or the better matched

Aquavit , both nice but a little tough at breakfast. ROL, do it for the upcoming Holidays and they will not forget you  !

I am close by , so let me know how she goes. Have fun Dave


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Im pretty sure cured fresh water salmon arent safe to eat.  Same thing with cold smoking fresh water salmon.

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