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Chautauqua Musky Opener is May 30th

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Its been pretty hit or miss really. I’ve had a decent day casting and a decent day trolling so far. I’ve also had a couple pretty slow days. Fish have been difficult to pattern so far imo. Seems the bigger fish turn on for a day and then its tougher for a while. Water is unusually clear, even in the south end. Totally different than this time last year. Tons of pondweed almost everywhere right now.


Casting is a good bet right now as it seems most fish have been fairly shallow still and not over open water yet. You’ll probably at least see quite a few. I wouldn’t limit yourself to the south end casting. Personally, I prefer casting the north end but either can be good. Jerkbaits



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Ive gotten em at night over summer casting n trolling including 3 hits in 15 mins last July.

Growing up we used to cast depth raiders along the weedlines at night and i also got my casting pb on that lake on a top raider at 1am.

Here's Katia with a south end night fish from last summer.




Anyone know if there's a night bite on Chautauqua? My guess would be more likely in the north end? Trying to get my father on some muskies (bucket list fish for him). No experience on that lake but should be easy enough, it just seems like boat traffic is going to be enormous this year. It might not make a difference for the fishing but I'm limited to weekends, and Id prefer a more peaceful outing if it's worth it


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