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After a humbling morning yesterday at Fairhaven I was looking forward to a relaxing morning on the home court of Cayuga.  Headed out of Deans about 7 and was greeted with a flat lake and a strong sun.  Decided to try the skinny water anyway and was rewarded with continuous action courtesy of a bunch of burly lake trout.  Spoons or sticks on riggers or short cores......they didn't care, just kept hammering away at everything.  I kept holding out to finish the box with a silver so released 7 or 8 fish and then near quitting time a brute decided to swallow a stick bait so I took the hint and called it a day.  The fight in these Lakers was tremendous compared to those caught in deep water.  No water-skiing the last 50 feet with these today but of course, they were only back 75-125 feet.   Just a beautiful morning to be on the water.



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29 minutes ago, fingerlakesfreddy said:

Nice! The Lakers we caught were pretty fiesty. Even had one leaper! What was the surface temp on that side in Dean's? 

If memory serves it was 54-55 but that was a week ago. Betting a little warmer now.  Hoping to get out later today or tomorrow for a bit but forecast of South wind promises a bumpy ride.

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