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Sold / Closed 1996 Johnnson 28 HP Long Shaft remote-$100

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Yes it runs... Has 120 PSI  compression each cyl.. Needs a starter, as I removed it to use on my 30HP ,,,

 It was being used  until a few weeks ago when I bought a 30 HP in better shape  ,,good lower unit, NO water in gearcase,, always  got me to where I was going and got me home... Has a few issues  besides the starter that aren't a big deal, that I can  discuss with those interested.  Has a cross threaded plug hole, thats been that way forever, and just before I replaced it, the  water stopped coming out of the weep hole.. However, it IS pumping water out the exhaust ports as normal, and the motor does NOT get hot...   The dealer said its probably a small piece of crap or scale that can be blown out  in the small passage to the weep hole....  No controls, as I am using them on my 30... Buy it, if it doesn't run for you, I will gladly refund The $100 without any question and with a smile...;; Just want it out of the yard... The bad starter does come with it, if you want to try and rebuild it.... .  $ 100 firm... Just the lower unit alone  is worth 3 x that... Water pump was replaced about 10 "run hours" ago, last year...bob

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 come get it.. If  it doesn't run  decent for you, I will give your  money back, no questions, no hassles... I was going to keep it as a parts motor, but the lower units are totally different...   Its just  taking up space here... Starters for it on ebay are about $60... bob

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 Sorry, no pics.. Camera down ... It looks well used, could  use some paint...  Some bite marks out of the cav plate where someone had  badly installed a doel fin, or stingray type planing device.. Motor  tracked straight and true always... Lookned us decent when cleaned up, not awful cosmetically, but not great either.... bob

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