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Braddock's 6/14 AM (I-Bay refugee).

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I dock in I-Bay and seeing how it's been very slow out there decided to try near Braddocks. Marked quite a lot of bait and fish in the 150-230 fow area NE from the bay. I don't know this area very well as I usually fish from the river to Hedges, so can't be more specific about where. About a dozen boats out near me and conditions were better early rather than late AM. Hit a couple steelies at 55 and 60 over 160 on a NK wonderbread spoon. They were in the 7 to 8 lb range. Took a nice 12 lb king on a flasher/fly down 78 over 210. Overall much more action and activity in that part of the lake than out by I-Bay. I've been out the previous 3 weeks due N and NE from I-Bay and nothin'! Well worth the 20 minute cruise west. Will do again.IMG_20200614_094200294_HDR.jpeg


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