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broken musky trolling rod

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 I broke my Lamiglas 8' trolling rod today while trying to land a pike. It was 8', one piece, 15 to 40 lb. It was fantastic for trolling for pike and musky. The don't make this model anymore (Lamiglas LX80HBC X11 )  so I'm looking for recommendations is anybody has any. I don't want to break the bank, Sportsman Warehouse had a similar lamiglas for about $110.00 but it was 9'  and 10-30 lb. Prefer an 8' rod.



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Thanks Dan

Drag wasn't too tight, was trying to net and fish jumped. Was holding rod up with left hand and trying to use net with right. I ordered a St Croix from bass pro yesterday. Beautiful Musky, do you mind sharing the location?

Thanks for the reply!


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Did your other rod brake in the same place ? Maybe were its in the rod holder. Sucks either way. The 47" fish , I caught a few weeks ago, actually turned my boat to the left on the hit. I have my drags set loose and the rod wasn't pumping , it was bent strait back, like I snagged the bottom. I have never broken a rod on a hit yet, even fishing the Niagra and St. Lawrance river's with lots of current. That's pretty crazy , you broke two rods. Time for a change in equipment, Best of luck.

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