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Good day out  there started in 60 and trolled East ended 3 for 4 . A nice brown lost another and 2 skippers . Hit 90 had my first major  it made 4 big runs could see him in the prop wash but on the last run he came off. Then landed a 22 lb on meat rig . Lost another major 80 down on a 42 second spoon that fish was on something it jumped out of the water completely like eight times it was so cool but he got off. Then hit a Laker down 90 on a meat rig landed that released it and then the meat rig the king came on goes off big lake trout. While fighting that The 80 foot spoon goes off again another crazy king jumped a bunch of times got him to the back of the boat he swam under the Dipsy rod and I was upfront fighting him eventually lost him under the boat went back and landed a 16 pound Laker. All in all it was fun day.

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There’s nothing fun than catching fish on a solo mission! Netting must be a blast with one hand on the net and the other on the reel. Great job out there!

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