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ISO 4 stroke kicker motor

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Thinking of selling this Johnson 9.9 four stroke high thrust kicker with controls and tank! Took off a boat I just bought, not sure of year I think around 2000? Marina said it is in great condition and ran nice, I will not need it so I had them take it off!

Also includes bracket for it and ez steer tie bar! $1700 IMG_2854.thumb.JPG.5f55f1e489918066e0a006918ae91adb.JPGIMG_2853.thumb.JPG.568d1c76929ba01a709373a71d4f41fe.JPGfor all! IMG_2846.thumb.JPG.56790abe159a003315f5c8209b7de9a9.JPGIMG_2849.thumb.JPG.e76bc02cae65caae3ba9b7ac70ef27e9.JPGIMG_2851.thumb.JPG.a785ec63067af0e3eaf2047c1a24a27f.JPGIMG_2852.thumb.JPG.83eb3d5a49769deade49cfd4eb0e0568.JPGIMG_2873.thumb.JPG.c80be27416ee1c572f80b214bb79eb5b.JPGIMG_2886.thumb.JPG.7acb93feb4f1d6e73484410d7eb81162.JPG







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