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ISO 4 Gimbal Mounts

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ISO 4 Gimbal mounts for my next project. Please let me know if anybody can may be able to help me out. Thanks. 30 degree is what I need. They come in 9” or 12”. I would like to get 4 each of the 12” if anyone is willing to part with. 9” will work I just need to get 4 of the same. They don’t have to be brand specific.



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I believe they usually come in 12 and 9 inch sizes if this makes any difference. It is also important to know the spread of the holes intended for use unless you intend to drill as each application can be a different span between screw holes as well as the hole diameter itself. The gimbals are not all the same but most do have a 30 degree angle that usually anchors to toward the bow. There are some inset holders installed in boats with the tube straight down or to the side. The screw holes of Cannon tracks are not aligned with the screw holes in either the Cannon tracks or the common generic ones by the way.

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