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2021 calendar

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IMG_4855.JPGthe new muskies inc calendar features Andrew Hulbert and his son on the cover. Good guy,good dad,and great bait maker. Muskies inc is all about “fisheries,research,youth “. This pic nails it. Congratulations sir!



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Very happy to see Andrew and his son on the cover.  While I meet lots of great folks guiding I can't think of another customer/friend/angler/lure maker/guide/family man who has taken their fishing, passion, and conservation efforts further in a short time.  Muskies Inc couldn't have done any better!  Andrew and his wife are class acts and set the example for others to follow!  

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Hey there! This is a really cool calendar, featuring Andrew Hulbert and his son on the cover. Congrats to Andrew on being featured! By the way, If you're in need of a calendar for the upcoming year, you might want to check out www.123calendars.com. They have a wide variety of blank calendars that you can customize and print out for free. Thanks for sharing the calendar and information about Muskies Inc!

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