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mercruiser re manufactured longblock


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In 2013 I bought my 19 foot Islander and set out to completely rebuild the 3 liter 4 banger. I did so and I have used it for the past 7 seasons, but always with a bid of worry mostly because it was not my skill in engine rebuilding ,but a lack of funds that was my main motivation to do it myself.Maybe pigheadedness and misplaced pride played a role as well. Anyway, just yesterday I bought a re manufactured long block and over the next few months I will transfer the external parts like carburetor, starter and that sort of stuff. It will also give me a chance to finally fix the dent in the bottom of my boat under the engine.

If all goes well I will start next season with a new engine and piece of mind because of it.

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1 hour ago, whaler1 said:

I’m sure it’s going to be great!

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Thank you.

From your lips to god's ears

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