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Helix 7 settings.

Bad Habit

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What would be a good starting point for chart speed and sensitivity settings on the Helix 7. Would it change drastically for depth of water even if you were only looking at the top 125 feet of water?

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38 minutes ago, Bad Habit said:

It’s the XNT 9 DI T Transom mount. 


Do you know what traditional sonar frequencies you have with that? If you just have 200khz you're not going to be happy with that for trolling. If you can get 83khz you're golden. Sometimes 200 is called high chirp and 83 is called medium chirp. Sometimes I've seen with the DI they don't give you 83khz.


I run with the chart speed turned all the way up. If I'm 40' or less I'm running switchfire on clear. Over 40' I have it turned to max. For sensitivity you want it just high enough to see your Cannonball. I don't mess with the contrast setting.

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13 minutes ago, Bad Habit said:

I believe it is the 200khz. 


The problem with the 200khz is the cone angle is very narrow. You'll have a hard time marking your cannonballs, and you'll see less fish. I never point guys in the direction of the DI units. Your best bet might be to purchase and AIRMAR P66 transom transducer.


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