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Has anyone been out of Sandy creek yesterday ? How is the launch ? How is the fishing, want to get my boy out today before the weather changes. He goes in the Army next week and this may be my last chance to get him out before he goes ! Any info appreciated, thanks .

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I've fished it every couple of days for the past two weeks. Its been very slow. I've only picked up a few lake trout and a brown. From 5' -110'. Mostly been targeting browns in close, might be better out deep for silvers. The river has come up a bit, still 3' at the launch and between 3'-8' through the channel. I live on the water and watch out the window throughout the day, not a lot of boats in close and haven't seen a fish boated in a over a week. My two cents, its beautiful out there today, go deep.

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Fished in 5-10 fow for 2 hours trolling sticks on planerboard/mast. 2 hits. Then moved out to 75' to try a grab a Laker real quick before heading in, took 5 mins to get bit, packed up and left. My son had to go out for dinner, at least I got in 1 last trip with him before he goes in the Army on Monday. Hoping maybe we can get out on Saturday.


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