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5/15 Braddocks and west of

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Dropped lines about 0630 hrs

Finished 6/7 with 4 Steelies and 2 Coho. Generally 30-45 Over 100-150 

A dipsy/echip with b/w fly produced 2. 

Chinook diver/NBK produced 2

Ninja Board/ Orange Crush with 3 oz. Snap weight the other 2.

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Back at it again today. Same area with more traffic and less action. Beauty of a day with flat water. Probably too flat!

Decided around 11to troll back towards the Genny and call it a day when a rigger 40/100 fired. Picked up a dark brown looking like it was pre-spawn season with a hook jaw. Never seen one in the spring, before.


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