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Still Fishing For Summer Fingerlake Trout

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Can somebody please school me in this method of fishing for the fingerlakes trout? I am specifically interested in the browns (not that any other bycatch wouldn't be cool). I am a decent enough troller, I just don't love doing it on the fingerlakes, (the fight just isn't a lake O King ya know?). More interested in the 1v1 non moving fight of those trout and generally figuring out a new way of fishing. 


Anyway, I am not looking for spots or anything like that. I just want to know the how and the why of the style and the gear needed. Feel free to PM if you would rather not post in the comments!



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Hey - have you tried Jigging for Lake trout and browns? It’s a lot of fun because it’s just you and the fish with no gear or boat in the middle of the fight. I assume you have a decent fish finder and with it, you can find the fish on the bottom or suspended in the lake.

Happy to share some spots with you to start on Cayuga but I haven’t done much Jigging on Seneca.

My advice is to start here (link below) - lots of info on How to Jig for lake trout and if you want advice on gear to use, let me know.


I use a Field and Stream Tech Spec rod with a torrent bait caster reel. My mainline is 20lb PowerPro braid and a 10 foot long 10-12lb fluorocarbon leader tied on with a UNI to Uni knot. I recently learned some people use an FG knot though so I’m gonna try that soon. I use Berkeley Vanish Fluorocarbon but you can choose your favorite brand. You’ll want to use braid as a mainline so you can feel the fish and not the stretch jigging in 100 FOW.

You can start with a 1oz Jighead with a good hook and some flukes. I put a picture of what a good hook looks like vs a bad hook after catching fish on both. I use Zoom flukes - white and white Ice are always a good bet to start with - pic below. Chartreuse works to some days and any colors you troll with can be good. Lunker City - Shakers and Swimfish are good too sometimes.

Feel free to ask any questions or DM me, happy to help.


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I do jig for lakers and I quite like doing it! I have jigged Canandaigua and Keuka with success, and I really have made it work well on Lake Ontario (but that is a beast compared to the fingers). I have always wanted to jig Cayuga for lakers as I know it is currently the most productive lake for it, but for one reason or another I just never got around to it. I would like some information on spots if you don't mind and then I have a question about the jigging method itself. Mostly spot lock related. 

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Talking to some of the old-timers over the years, on Canandaiuga they fish the points/drop offs with slip sinkers and sawbellies.  Very similar to how they fish southern reservoirs for stripers and catfish

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