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Ever wonder where they all went after a NE blow?


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Some are pushed way inside, some are pushed into the warmer Niagara flow, some are pushed way out, and many are pushed to the bottom.  Below is bottom zoom picture from today. Bait and kings pushed back into their winter pattern. Saw a weird thermal layer showing half way down on graph also. 



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I talked to the Magnum  Metalz downrigger guy at the shoe a few years back . He told me his riggers could crank up a 20# ball . I asked why he needed a 20# ball . He told me in Lake Michigan , he gets half his kings 300 ft down . 

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13 hours ago, brucehookedup said:

Not for nothing GillT that is a terrible picture with interference from something. I do hear you with the fish movement. It is more significant on your end the lake for sure.


Bruce - He's "Chirpin" on high frequency, and that's why he has to have the gain so high. High Frequency isn't very powerful, nor does it have a great cone angle. The best transducers for what we do are still the traditional 50/200 Airmars. 200khz for when you're on plane, and 50khz for fishing.


GillT - There are always fish down there no matter the time of year. Most of the time people only look at the top 100-150'. Salmon don't mind being down there while they are digesting. Deepest king we've caught this Spring was 250' down with a 20lb Shark weight.

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