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Flasher fly with teaser's

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Wondering if anyone has ever run a fly set up with teaser's. Basically running a meat rig but having a fly instead of the meat set up. I tie my own fly's so have the material but never see this setup being used. Before I waist my time is there a reason? I can't see a reason it wouldn't work. Just looking for something to play around with. Thanks.


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Meat rigs and flies are two different animals with different action. With the fly you want it to move freely from side to side and with the meat you want it to twirl in a certain rhythm. My assumption is that in the case of the fly the teasers may interfere with the desired action of the fly unless perhaps at high speed while in the case of the meat rig it usually isn't the case. Try it out see what it does and go from there.:smile:

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We have done it ... it works well some days
We make a bigger 5” fly and put a Twinkie/ teaser fly in between the fly and a big 11-12” paddle and stretch the leader to 40-45” from the paddle , seems to work better end of July -sept for some reason

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