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Lake Chautauqua Info

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I think that I might be going to Lake Chautauqua this summer for a short vacation. I have never been to the lake before and was just looking for a little advice. We are thinking about going the last week in June and will be taking the boat. I have heard that there is a healthy population of musky and walleye and will probably be fishing for both. We aren't exactly sure where we are staying yet, any advice on that would be great also. Thanks in advance.

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I stay at Webbs at the north end. not an inexpensive place but theres a marina right across the street and you can rent a dock space for the weekend. in late june you can cast the shallows in 10ft of water around the north end and the 'flats' off mayville are a good bet that time of year too.

south basin is rather shallow with little structure so unless you're trolling suspeded fish I'd stay to the north end down to the I-87 (?) bridge.

couple deep holes across the lake from mayville might be worth a try for eyes but not sure at that time of year.

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Hey jeb...try casting out in front of smithboys on the south end,there`s anice weed edge that develops and it holds fish!Also troll around the bridge (south side)and while in that area toss a few around the red bouy(point).When passing through the 5mph zone drop a couple lines 20`back(shallow runners-6-7'drifter stalkers work for me)1 black perch one chart or firetiger this is a perfect speed and opportunity to hookup.Otherwise nitro hit it pretty good.Irwins bay(bell tower on up)and point chautauqua are good bets too.we`re heading up there the weekend after the opener.I use wildwood campground on brown rd-showers!Good luck


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I have been going to Chautauqua for a few years now. The north end certainly has more bottom dimension to it while the southern section is pretty flat (except for a couple spots).

Places I have done well are:

1) southside of Prendergast point near the creek outlet in the early morning (seems to shut down around 9:30am everytime) - usually hit walleye and boat load of largmouth bass jigging 3-7" worms/leeches

2) Dewittville bay canal outlet mid/late morning for Musky, Mid afternoon for Garr

3) Long Point southside for Large/Small mouth anytime

4) Irwinbay trolling along the weedline for Walleye and Smallmouth early morning

5) Chautauqua Institute Bell Tower dusk-whenever lots of crappie and white perch, or are they white bass (i can never tell).

6) The whole freaking lake....all day long....every other cast....YELLOW PERCH, Small little buggers last year but this year should be bigger.

I have never done great with artificial minnow/cranks here but spinners (with 2-3" grub trailer), worm harnesses, jig presentations have been great for me. I avoid live bait here because of all the starving perch and sunnies,

Anyways I will be there for opening weekend then back again for the week of May 16th. We stay at Irwin Bay Cottages, owner is real nice and they have power at the private docks. Thier ramp is real narrow/shallow though so I launch at Mayville (its free).

Hope this helps and I will post info after each of my trips.

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