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Yankee offshore at the Oak 8/29

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Some locals joined us today to celebrate a birthday. It was a short trip and given the ice water inside from Fridays blow we headed right offshore to the 29N and trolled it North. We never took a mature bite out there, but there was no shortage of 1 & 2yr old Salmon to play with. We kept a few, and put back more.
Carbon 14 was good most of the day on the deep Cannon Downrigger. Our "man" today was definitely a DW Wonderbread spoon. On the divers it was going at 200' out on a 2 setting. We also had it go a few times on the 300' A-TOM-MIK copper. Chrome UV, Glow UV, and the standard all took fish. Other spoons to mention that took fish were DW Glow Roy Boy and Rodfather.
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13 hours ago, BreakingBass said:

Big or small, I'm sure they were happy to reel them in! I've thrown divers in the mix routinely this year, but not at lengths of 200'. What's your estimate of depth these are going on the 2 setting?


Depends on the wire brand and diameter. We use American Fishing Wire. It's the thinnest 30lb wire on the market. According to our smart troll the ratios are about:


0-100' - 2:1

100-200' - 2.25-2.5:1

200-300' - 2.5-3:1

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