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Aerolite ELR 45 cal


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I just got a new CVA Accura MR - X 45 Cal and I'm having a heck of a time finding bullets. I would like to try a variety of loads but that isn't likely to happen soon. Sportsmans Warehouse has the Aerolite ELR in 45. Anyone have experience with this bullet? Does it require a sabot? 

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No sabot sleeve
Those bullets were designed specifically for the CVA Paramount gun but I think you can use them in any MZ. That being said, the bullet likes magnum loads
BTW there’s lots of bullets available online

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19 minutes ago, GAMBLER said:

Try Muzzle-loaders.com or Midway USA.  Tons of options.  

Thanks guys


Been to both ..... click into the various types and there out of stock or available for backorder for almost all of the 45's. I'll keep looking though

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Try these guys.


They are in Canada but ship direct to the US. It's a family owned business and I've been buying their bullets for years. Call them for more indepth info. Toll free number and lots of info listed in the website.


PS: They may have already tested your rifle and have a good starting load to use.

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