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Tekota vs. Saltist


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The only thing I liked better on the Saltist was the adjustability of the drag.  The Tekotas seemed like one click was too much adjustment.  The saltist you could fine tune the drag better.  A lot of guys complain about the line counter placement on the Saltist.  

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This topic is a little broad.  I could talk at length about both.  Do you have a specific application in mind?   Copper, down rigger, diver?  Are you asking about Tekota or Tekota-A?  Line counter or no?


Tekota comes in a 700 and 800 size which would be the only ones appropriate for say a 300 or 400 copper, respectively.  Tekota has Teflon drags.  Tekota-A and Saltist have carbon fiber drags.  Saltists have had some inconsistent manufacturing issues with the clickers the past couple years.  Brand new reels that don’t sound the way they should or the click pawl pops out of the click spring after very little use.  Brian also mentioned the line counter placement that many complain about.  He also mentioned the drag adjustability.  This can be attributed to the spring washer design difference between the two.  Though I would argue that you wouldn’t notice a difference between the two with a properly tuned Tekota with upgraded carbon fiber drags.  You also can’t buy a brand new Tekota in sizes smaller than the 700 through the normal channels anymore.  Those sizes have been replaced with the Tekota-A.   

I own both.  I’ve worked on hundreds of each.  Both are what I would consider top of the line reels for Lake Ontario trolling.  I can’t wait to tear apart a new Saltist once I get my hands on one.  

Let me know what questions you have.  Be happy to talk you. 


Rochester Reel Repair



Here’s a Saltist 40LC that I have torn apart on the bench right now.  I can look for one of my Tekota pictures if you’re interested in the comparison.  


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Thanks to all for the discussion.


For the past 12 years I've amassed about 30 Okuma Convectors.  One by one, they are wearing out.  The 20 size reels are exceptionally problematic.  


I'm planning to replace them slowly with either of the premium reels.  I'll begin with braid then wire divers.  Probably light and heavy rigger reels too.


As I did with the convectors, i want a complete set of matching reels of varying sizes.  For coppers, I'm willing to use a different model or brand.

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