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Terrova with iPilot - fixing steering


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  I had this problem a few years ago on my 36volt Terrova. The 2 wires + -  were shorted out and melted in the tube between the lower unit and the head unit. I replaced both wires with slightly heavier gauge wire. Took a little time but wasn't that difficult. Been fine ever since.

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Had the same issue with mine turned out needed a new steering housing motor and control board. Don't replace the steering housing motor without replacing the control board. Not cheap.
I tried the control board first as everything I found said that was the issue but then it still didn't work so replaced the steering housing motor which it still didn't work. Took it to Tony's in orchard park who tested it and ended up replacing the control board.
I should have replaced both at the same time.

Fish 307 is also a repair place if you don't want to work on it yourself.

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