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Looking for Someone to refinish my oxidized fiberglass 24' Osprey Fisherman Pilot house

Fly n Fish

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I have 2002 24' Osprey Fisherman Pilot house.  The hull is severely oxidized and I am having trouble finding some one to refinish it.  Does anyone want the work or know anyone that could do this.  I understand the round about cost associated with this.  I live in the Rochester area and can trailer it to anyone with in a 2 hour radius.   Looking for around the March timeframe. 


Please email or MSG me here 

[email protected]





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26 minutes ago, Frogger said:

Fly n fish, I have a buddy who had someone come to his place to liven up his proline that was oxidized. Did all the work there. Came out stunning. Guy was local to Rochester. I can find out who it was if you still have the interest. 

Thanks! yes I have interest

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FROGGER , and me too. I have an outboard that needs glass over hull and need help from someone who knows what they are doing with glass and epoxy- not a big job but the show boat needs a craftsman. I am in Rochester as well. Thanks Dave DeVivo

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