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Hello From Naples

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My name is Dan. I moved to Naples about 5 years ago, was really active in other foshing forums in other places but kids and family stuff took precedence. Now I got more time. I was in the Navy for 8byears and now work for the VA. I am a bait maker, kayak angler and new to ice and fly fishing. I have two boys and a girl and plan on hitting the water hard this year.








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Thanks. I am going to try to make it this year for sure. Went for a hike with the boys the other day. Brought a ice rod to see if I could get the boys a creek chub and hooked a brown so we stopped. Didnt mean to mess with trout out of season. New to trout fishing but going to hit it hard the spring and summer. 



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Hi and welcome, i know I'm late to the topic but I was curious what body of water that is in the pic with the bass by the guardrail? As a wheelchair fisherman I'm always looking for places I can get to a bass or two. I lost access to my only good pond so I've been looking. If there's any openings in the guardrail it looks like it could work

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