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Late start...launched about 7.  No driftwood last week at the launch, when I took pooch for a walk but there where 2 large piles of small stuff there today.  Ramp #1 blocked & between #2 & #3.  Looked like guys kicked it all to the center.   Large log at #4 was gone.  Anyways....had to burn the crud out of the engine & break in the new kicker.  Glassy calm water.  Surface 54 in the river, 45-46 to the west.  Lots of driftwood on the west side....probably due to the recent East winds.   (Only saw 2 big logs out there)  



Ran to Round Pond a couple times then came back and slow trolled the beach & along the pier looking for a Brown (Less than 1 mph GPS).  Came across this guy on a surface line straight back, about 100 ft WNW of the lighthouse.  



Little over 33", so guessing 14 Lbs.  Revived him & let him go.  

N wind came up about 10:30 so called it a day.


Luck to all.

Tom B.

















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