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Myself and Captain Jax left the mouth of the creek about 6:30 in a thick fog and immediately began trolling, towards the pump house, with the usual sticks off the boards and running a single rigger. We worked that 8-12 fow and with nothing for our efforts on the western troll, we turned at the pump house and headed back towards the mouth of the creek. On our first pass of the creek, we pulled a brownie out of the small mud plume (which was almost 3 degrees warmer). The fish came off the rigger with a stinger nbk parked 6' down and 50' back. We spent the remainder of the day working that warm pocket of water (which the north wind was slowly pushing back into the creek). On our last pass of the day we doubled up on a brownie and a real nice smallmouth off the riggers. The brownie took a stinger nbk off the riggers and the smallmouth took a stinger irish car bomb off the other rigger. Nice end to the day!




On a side note:

The Sandy Creek pen project succesfully released 7500 healthy, pen reared steelhead on saturday evening.


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