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The 4th fished only one hr 7to 8 pm . Started in 105 went out to 150  landed a teenage king right of the bat lost one off the wire last fish was a steelhead. Called it quits and took the girlfriend to watch fireworks. In the morning started in 109 and fished out to 300 . Only fished 3 hr but Went 12 for 12 a brown and  a big laker . The rest were kings and steelhead .Ran 4 Riggers down 70 to 95 wire out 250 and 270 all caught fish. Some of the better spoons were carbon 14 black and purple and a pink and silver that one of the girls picked. Ran a carbon 14 spin Dr. meat rig did the best out of the flashers and flies but again all took fish.






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Thanks for the report. 109 to 300 is quite a range for that area. What depth was most productive? Were you straight out or did you head east or west of the bay? I'm heading out in the morning.  Thanks.

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