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shooter544 outa Irondequoit today

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outa Irondequoit today straight out from webster park and hedges 150'-170' 110 down hooked two big kings lost them.

tough fishing by myself especially with the wind.

went 3 for 5 with 2 bows coming to the boat bout 7-10lb class and a 20" king all were between 80 to 90' down don't know  temp  subtroll need new cable. but it seems the bigger kings are 10-15 ' deeper then the 3-4 lb' babies i have been catching. good luck all!

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Thanks for the report. I am at Mayer's and for me the fishing has been tough this year. I don't have a sub troll or Fish Hawk. I have noticed the current in the lake is ripping. Are you seeing any difference between east or west troll. What speeds are do you doing on GPS if you don't mind sharing. 

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