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muskies and pike on figure 8's

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excuse my absence. Didn't fish much for 3 years until this year (Service related disabilities from paratrooping w 82nd).  anyways on to my fishing concern help appreciated with a bit of detail if possible. after nearly 50 years of fishing for pike and musky I just started this year to try my luck at figure 8's. I caught quite a few some were follows , some came up form the other way under the boat to hit the bait. The trouble is I've lost all the bigger fish that hit while figure 8'ing. I was told that when a good one hits while top side or figure 8'ing that don't immediately pull back and set the hook but to let the fish fight the rod even putting the rod end into the water a bit to try and force the fish to run or dive down then set the hook. The reason is that when y pull back to set the hook when the fish is only inches under the water doesn't provide good hook sets since the angle is bad for good hook set. so let em fight the pole until they make a move out or down. So far I lost 2 mid forties doing figure 8's, thy came up shook their heads and were gone.

Your input and thoughts are much appreciated.

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