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Fishing out of Oswego

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I’m going to fish Ontario the next few weekends and I’m looking for someone to go with me that has recent experience I have the boat and all the gear that’s needed I just haven’t fished Ontario much with my own boat I’m not asking for money or split fuel anything like that just a hand to set some riggers go through all the stuff I have the boat is ready to go I fish Cayuga lake mostly but I need to get back into Ontario just been away from it for a while and with limited weekends I’d rather be on the fish then just waste weekends away figuring them out my boat is tiptop shape 24’ and chucked full of everything needed and maybe also if anyone knows of some dock space for the next 3 weeks I’m looking for either sodus fair haven or Oswego only thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know! 

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