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Sold / Closed New cinnamon candy DW spoons new

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those are some great looking spoons for sure. i am very temped to buy them for walleye on Eries central basin, but just can't pull the trigger. but i may change my mind and buy them later. the only big thing that's standing in my way is I just bough over 150.00 in spoons from fishusa.com if not for that I wouldn't have much of a problem. I don't know how they work on salmon, but I believe some of them would be awesome for Erie eyes.


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1 minute ago, keith osborne said:

They work good for salmon I have four of each way too many Lures 

I believe you are the first fisherman that admits to having to many lures, LOL. I had lures for every kind of fishing even a lot of saltwater lures in my pole barn and some a**holes broke in and took everything I had. they even took full tackle boxes of 3, 4, and 5 oz no roll sinkers I had for saltwater fishing. they took my high five ss prop of my boat and took the vhf radio out of the boat. just too much to list all the other stuff like my almost new welder and my brand-new champion dual fuel generator., and the list just keeps going., I knew who did it but the police said without proof there was just nothing i could do.

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