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Owasco mixed bag

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Hit up Owasco today. Been a bit under the weather recently so was nice to get out for a solo trip. Having it be a beautiful day was just an added bonus.


Set up on the east side close to shore so I could try and hide from the decent chop I wasn't expecting. Fished the first hour marking good fish and a good amount of bait around 60-80 FOW, but couldn't trigger any strikes. Had cowbells and gambler rigs on with my fownriggers near the bottom. Finally had a good release about 2 hours I and knew it was a good one. Good enough that it took some line from me and just seemed like a angry laker. About 10 min later I get it near the boat and can see it's a sizeable fish but a bit too green for a laker. Ended up being about a 10lb pike that hammered a trout alien cowbell and gambler set up. That was a first and one of the last things I was expecting dragging bottom in 80fow with bells. This fish had been feeding well with a huge belly and got it back in the water as soon as I could.


About 2 more hours go by and got a couple small lakers doing the same program but they bit on a green frog cowbell with a bull frog gambler. Decided to try trolling to the west side of the lake and had a good hit and release but no one was home. Trolled the west side for a bit in about 70-90fow and the screen looked more sad with no bites either. Back to the east side and while crossing the lake in 160 down 75 , got another hit. This one felt weird for cowbells again but still felt like it was decent size. Get it to the boat and try to net it I can see it's a beautiful steelhead. Again, no expected but welcomed. Net job didn't go as well this time as my first attempt I couldn't get under the fish with the net and as soon as this fish felt the net she went nuts jumping all over the place. Thought for sure she'd pop off but she stayed on and gave me another shot at netting. This time it went worse cause I still couldn't get it under the fish and she was headed for my rigger. Set my net down to bring up the rigger only to then turn back and see my net just slide off the back of the boat and down into the deep blue. Well...guess I can't mess up the net job without a net [emoji28] so ended up just grabbing the leader and pulling this thing in like a bass. Beautiful fish the was probably around 7-8lbs. Was too sad over the net to weigh it [emoji1787]. Again, had never caught anything other than lakers with cowbells so the beautiful day ended up being a great day too (minus the net)







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Great job Mikeyman. Beautiful rainbow! How were the fleas? I was there Monday thru Wednesday and they were so heavy I switched to perch fishing because in no time my line and lures were all fouled up with them.
They were pretty manageable yesterday. Think there was only one time my rod eyelets got clogged and that was probably after an hour of it trolling. All in all, not bad.

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