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IBay Report - Saturday May 9 - The Kings are here!!

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Set up around 6 AM and fished until 9:30 AM. Went 6 for 6, all very nice fish and all were released except one. Fish were one laker around 15# or so and the rest were kings between 15 and 19.5#. We thought we had a derby fish so we motored back in around 9:30. The fish was only 19.7 at Bayside. Oh well.....

Nonetheless, we started our day in 60 fow and managed a nice laker around 15# or so on an "odd presentation" of a 5-color core with a DW SS orange crush. Things slowed down around 8 AM so we moved out deeper to around 140+ fow. Caught all the kings out deeper in about an hour span. One on a five color core and other four on the riggers (40' back, 60 down and 70' back, 30 down). Two fish on an NBK and two on DW SS 42 second.

Speed - 2.2 - 2.5 mph at the ball

I'll post some pics a little later as I just received a call from Mayer's Marina that my entire finger pier just broke free and my rub rail is toast....

Good luck to all,

- Chris

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Great work, Chris! Its even awesome with the possible derby king you had in your box.

I went out solo this morning trolling inside water 8 to 15 FOW for browns. Two browns came on black J-12 stick baits. Had to head back for my children's flag football game. With your confirmation that the kings are out there, indeed, I wish I had spent some time in deeper water.

With the winds we re having now, I am doubtful about fishing for tomorrow.

Hope things at Mayers work out.

Tight lines.


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Hope everything is OK with the boat, what a bummer... just a really bad wind direction for those docks.

Anyway, good to see that others got onto the salmon as well, nice job, so we have some numbers. Hope it all holds up this week after the big blow!

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