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Canon stx downrigger rod holders

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Just had question on strength of the canon 10 stx rod holders.  I have only used it for walleye on Lake Erie.  The rod holders that came with it are a heavy plastic.  Are these sturdy enough for salmon fishing?  I would be running with clean spoon or flasher fly off downrigger so no dipsey involved.

I like them because they are attached to the downrigger and I can adjust angle etc. 


If they are not tough enough does canon make steel ones that attach to the stx 10? Or do you just not use them and just put rod in holder that isn't attached to downrigger? 


Thanks for any advice....

Hoping to finally fish Lake Ontario this summer after 2 years of only reading about it on LOU or books.

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Make sure you use some sort of tether on the rod. A few years ago a buddy almost lost a rod out of his cannon stx. A fish hit so hard it pulled the holder down where it was parallel to the water and the rod shot out of the holder like a missile. It all happened in a second as the drag was screaming. Till it hit the water. He was fortune it enough to power around fast and caught the rod on one of the other lines. The fish was gone but at least he got the rod back. Even though the holder was tight and the drag was set right I had a hard time believing it really happened but his wife saw the whole thing. I believe her.

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Thanks for those tips...I am going to get cannon rod holders for my dipsey rods but didn't realize they made a dual set for the downriggers.

The plastic on the cannon downriggers is quite tough.  I will use those this year.  Perhaps in the prior post by billbobthorpe the bolt wasn't cranked down fully tight allowing it to slide.  Otherwise I would think the interlocking plastic teeth would be sheared off.

Thanks again for all help/suggestions.

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