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I live 2 hours south of Ithaca. We got less than 1” of snow over the last couple days. Based solely on school closings it looks like Ithaca area got substantial snow. 
It looks like Thursday 3/16 will be a great day on Cayuga. 
Can anyone tell me if the launch at Treman is usable or is there deep snow in the parking lot?


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I have to comment...... schools close around here when there is a half inch of snow, so that's not a good indicator.


But on to your question....

FYI, its only 7 more miles to Taughannock and they typical push the snow off the launch into the water immediately, plus it has a bubbler.

I was there there about 2 weeks ago and it is low water but passable. Good luck and please post a report!    


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Thanks. Been to Taughannock many times. My fishing buddy has a real hard time climbing down the ladder at the end of the dock. His knees are not what they used to be. 

Not sure if the trip will happen but if it does I will surely post a report. 

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