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Cayuga 3/26

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Wanted to get one last trip out of Taughannock before the lake rises and the boat won't fit under the bridge.  Good timing to get out today as lake is up nearly 2 feet since last trip.  Made it under with a solid 6 inches to spare. :sweating:


IMG_20230326_070627235.thumb.jpg.516b908154844dcff14aea117829187a.jpgIMG_20230326_070708739.thumb.jpg.b13738f1f80df84f4e63282016b561f1.jpgWeather forecast was spot on for strong winds so the game plan was fish tight to the West shore.  Started about a mile North of the Boy Scout camp and went South for the morning.  Lakers started things off hitting downrigger spoons, then some decent sized  Landlocked Salmon followed suit.

IMG_20230326_095951059.thumb.jpg.c9d4448194ace661ac8d2142ff5a8482.jpg  Marked some groups of fish several times but it was not a day to go Crazy Ivan as the wind was too strong.  Lines on the board were quiet until a Brown took a stick off the 2 color. IMG_20230326_093830777_HDR.thumb.jpg.39ac5ca519ed140770317c81aa221baf.jpg The clouds broke up and the late morning sun seemed to shut off the bite, but we considered the morning a success, even if my first mate slept for most of the trip......IMG_20230326_111323351_HDR.thumb.jpg.b550db10fa1d9d202715e81e3bb27e60.jpg

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