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Seneca Shakedown

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Splashed the boat for 2023 Thursday. 

Despite the forecast for Friday we snuck out in the heavy NW winds and hit the water around 8 am. Fished for a little over an hour to make sure all systems are a go. 


Flatlines off the boards and 1 colors with riggers parked at 7 and 10 foot working 12-18 fow. 


Took a beautiful Atlantic to start, 2 more browns and lost a few others in the short time out there. Scorpion spoons and reel rage took the bites. Water was a bit messy from all the rain on Wednesday night. The winds pushed in large tree sections and piles of leaves and misc debris. Waters super high at the ramps. Was unable to get out over the remainder of the weekend. Fingers were a bit cold so no photos of the fish. Sorry fellas. Had 1 visible eel the other fish were clean. 


Looking to be a great season. The marina is full of water life from bait to some large predators lurking. Have fun and see ya on the water. 






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12 hours ago, Trouthunter said:

How big was the atlantic & if you know about what the water temp. was where you caught it Thanks

Water temp was 41 on Friday am. Marina water was 47 Thursday..


I imagine it's warming up fast.



The Atlantic was about 5 lbs. 




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