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  1. I am a recreational salmon fisherman out of the Port of Rochester.  It is time for an upgrade to my fish finding electronics.  I am a big fan of the Garmin products.  On some post I saw in the past it looked like you were connected to the Garmin product line.  I was wondering if you would be open to recommending the best system for the type of trolling we do?  Unit, transducers, etc.  Thanks.

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    2. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      I would recommend the Garmin GPSMAP 943xsv. This will run Panoptix. For a transducer you can go AIRMAR B60 or B744. Both are dual frequency 50/200. The B744 requires you to cut the fairing block to the deadrise of the boat.

    3. Thenuts


      Is the Panoptix the way to go?  If so, what is the learning curve?

      Is the PS30 the transducer to buy?

      What if I wanted a larger screen?

    4. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      In the GPSMAP series you can jump up to 12". The 12" is double the price of the 9's. Panoptix is the way to go for trolling, and the PS30 is the only transducer out there.

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