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  1. Fished for 3 hours and did 2 for 5 on the kings. All 40-45 down on Chicken wings.
  2. If we would have went right in then it would be in 2nd aas of tonight. BUT when people dont but licenses this is whay happends.
  3. Fished from 9-11 and did 3 kings, 2 cohos, and droped one king. All fish came high between 30-50. Coyote 28 wasa hot for us today. Fishing 150-200FOW
  4. The Salmon in the area I was fishing were DEEP. They were laying on the bottom in 200-250. They would streak up to your lure when you passed a hungry one. The Cohos are all over the top, and if you target them you wont be able to keep them off your lines. All my Kings Thursday and Friday came 100-125 down. These fish are too deep for core.
  5. Smoked EM! Well, that is if you like cohos. 5/10 - For 4 hours strait we smacked cohos fromthe surface down to 10'. We were looking for steel, but no luck. Ran into 4 salmon bites, and one of them was 22 and 3/4's 4-5 hours after sitting in the cooler! 5/11 - played with the cohos for about an hour and it wasn't fun, so i pulled those lines and loocked for the salmon. Had 7 bites landed 5. all 10-18lbs. Hot lures this week so far are coyote 28's, chicken wings, and anything green. No real fly bite yet . Sitting in the harbor at the moment burnt as heck, and soar from fishing the last teo days! I wake up to a good ol' north east blow!
  6. Wilson Boat House for sure! Great facilities and nice people.
  7. I have the bigger antenna, i just didnt know if the stopper beads would b ok on the coated cable.
  8. Its a heck of a lot better through AOL IM becasue anything goes! I made Billy cry one day because I was ripping on FH fish. Little did he know I was just joking, but he wouldnt talk to me for a while.
  9. Thanks Nick! Yeah thats my business name. Maybe he will be around later!
  10. I hear the marks are out there.....but they're on lock down. Anyways, good luck!
  11. Oh.......cool! I didnt have a problem in my cabin with the exception of the sun glare. I had to go into the v-berth for the best results. See ya tonight!
  12. Whatever dude! At least I take pictures with the lure that caught the fish and dont do the 'ol bait and switch with the Habby! Your head is the size of a freakin pumpkin about that spoon.
  13. We're not getting into this crappy dispute again are we? The guy took a laker on it anyway. Those freakin things would eat anything last weekend.
  14. Yeah some newbie fisherman bought one, and got lucky on it or something. So he had to brag on the radio about it.
  15. Jax has been out there the past few days and besides bangin the shore the fishing has been slow. But thats Jax were talking about too .
  16. Hey Mike! I seen your name on the LOC board. Nice job! I think some people got fed up with those feuds so we stopped. We still have them at work on AOL IM . I wish I could make the trip to Erie. Im booked solid through the end of June. I have a state fed tourney on the river and plan on running out to sturgeon pt. Me and a buddy were just talkin on luch about him going this weekend. Im jealous! Especially since I havent gotten into the Kings yet. But that first rip will change that.
  17. Nick - what are you taking online? Im obtaining my MBA through Phoenix right now. Wish I knew about online courses when i went through undergrad! Online classes are like fishing forums .
  18. Can you place the stopper beads on the coated cable?
  19. Sponge, sponge! Thanks for the question, and I will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge. (Once I get past the thought of you pulling out your calculator to get the feet per second ratio ) From what I have read, and heard, as long as you put these fish back quick enough and they swim back down to the bottom that air bladder will deflate. Even bringing them up at a regualr pace is going to expand that air bladder. Every mud puppy we caught Saturday swam back down faster than they came up. This is also due to the fact the water is cold and they didnt exert all that energy fighting an angler. If I'm wrong then someone let me know. Im not trying to kill the Laker fishery for Jax and Gambel!
  20. Im running 25lb McCoy Mean Green. Spring Kings fight harder than summer and fall Kings. :ast year I had one almost spool us out to close to 900', and 2 on the wire that each took out 600+'.
  21. Oh come on Ray! You guys bust my chops about it, but as of right now the highest I would have placed with it was 6th place, and that pays a measly $75. With another weekend to fish Im sure I would of dropped even more. Possibly off the board! Is killing a nice fish like that for $75 really worth it? Sure if I thought it would have held out I would have weighed it in, but with the amount of years I have been doing this I have a good idea of what it takes to make the top 5. Not to mention if I kill that beautiful specimen than people like Jax and Gambel wont have anything to fish for in the future! Not to mention that the lake trout stocking has hit the bottom becasue of VHS.
  22. No wonder your fish always look big on this site! You hold them up to the camera like them bass guys!
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