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  1. I ran the 25lb test last year and had very good success with it keeping the fleas off. This was during days where your wire dipsey would come back with a foot of them after being out for only 30 minutes. Jax is one of my witnesses to that. I think they have a new website that you can order off of. The least you can do is buy a mini bulk spool and try it on one or two rods. Good luck and if you have any questions give me a hollar!
  2. I just need to match it up with the same pattern that is on there now. It is a raised diamond pattern.
  3. Im looking to purchase this stuff, but everyone wants an arm and half a leg for it. Ranger wanted $84 for a 42x37 sheet of it. Do any of you guys have a better source for aquiring this stuff cheap?
  4. I have never put that feature on. But more detail never hurt anyone unless it is a smaller GPS screen.
  5. Yeah, I like the trail too. Sometimes when a fish hits no one hits a waypoint on the GPS. So by looking at the trail you can see where the fish it becasue you usually start to make funny turns with a fish on. I used it exclusivley last fall in Oswego. It was the only way to tell you were getting close to the peir. It was so foggy out you couldnt see 100yds in front of you.
  6. I have run 25lb test on my mono dipsey and slide divers for years. Not a problem with that test and I dont use snubbers, especially with mono. It has enough stretch.
  7. Mike, I would love to try thta stream fishing gig you guys do over there. If you ever have a weekend without trips let me know.
  8. I havent seen that article as of yet, but I know who the kid is. He kicked everyones butt on the federation trail for the two years he competed in it. He is a very good bass fisherman, and i wish him good luck! Lets hope he puts NY on the map when it comes to bass fishing. He should do well when they swing up here for a tournament on Lake Erie and Champlain lake.
  9. Set up in the dark and packed up at dark. Iced our first pike at sunset. Had 12 more flage the rest of the day and all the fish ran and dropped the bait. Very aggrivating! But, on the other hand, it was better than sitting at home. Goin back next week. I have a feeling the weather had them turned off pretty good. It blew hard all day. Thanks god for shanties!
  10. Listing this for a friend of my fathers: 26 foot with 8.6 beam. Outboard Motor: 250 HP Johnson (brand new, complete lower unit). Power trim tabs. 140 gallon fuel tank. Console compartment includes self contained head. Ship to Shore Marine Radio. Stereo with five speakers. Fresh water tank/shower. Live Well. Fish box in floor. Trailer: 2001 performance aluminum with surge brakes and four brand new tires. Boat is a sharp looker and excellent condition! Asking price: $30,500.00 If you have any further questions.......please feel free to call me at 585-734-8811 or email me back.
  11. First off pleasure unit.....you said 1% of the time your taking our Gf and her friends out on the boat? Why didnt I get a PM or a phone call? Back to your topic.....Look at the raymarine DSX500. I have this unit and it is a great unit with lots of power. Small enough to fit on the dash of your boat. It comes with a dual freq. transducer which is real nice. A friend of mine bought the model under that one and he loves it too. He doesnt need the power I do becasue he fishes the fingerlakes for the most part. I have a Furuno 582 and it is a real sweet unit, but it takes up a lot of space. I think Rich D has the new Furuno and he seems to like the new digital image it displays. It might be a little above your price range though. Seriousl check out the DSX500 and call me if your GF brings out her GF's!
  12. I though you could fish two rods per man in Canada now? Our group of boats has been for the past couple of years.
  13. Never mind I found it at the bottom
  14. How do I navigate to this without receiveing one? I cant find a hyperlink.
  15. I have 1 used electric Cannon Mag 10 for sale. Cosmetically it is mint. It does, however, need a new circuit board and a switch. Motor is good to go! No swivel base. Parts can be bought through or at Screwy Louies in Fairhaven. $200 OBO
  16. I have had a lot of replies and I will answer them inthe order they were recieved. I will try to take some pics tonight for all of you.
  17. For me at first ice out I will take the bass boat and clobber the perch on I bay. At the same time I will usually venture out into the Lake and cast for Browns around tribs with jerkbaits. These are fun on bass tackle. Once the end of April hits Im in Salmon mode!
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