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  1. A bunch of good guys stay here. You couldnt ask for a better facility!
  2. I know there is a limit in effect. As far as the ban, I dont know much about it. Here is a blog from the DEC page. read up: http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dfwm ... hregs.html
  3. Set up at first light and had a few quick flags. OK, let me back up. This freakin minnow ban is killing me! I had to use smelt, which works but I prefer suckers or shiners. So I had a few quick flags. Lost a hammer handle at the hole. Left to get some grub for me and the ol' lady and when I got back I found out she missed another one. Ended the day by picking up and when I walked over to one of my tip ups the flag was frozen to the ice. Well, I landed my only one which went about 5 pounds. My GF jigged up a few perch, but the only keeper perch came on a bass miinow on the tip-up. Here is what the ice looked like, but same fish. It was real slow today as far as Im concerned. The water is murky and I think that is why the smelt worked better than my bass minnows. Of could it be that the bass minnows werent big enough?
  4. I have had one on my bass boats for years. There are two types. The first one is one that you would plug in when you got home. You can get these in all shapes and sizes. Most are 6-10amps/bank (a bank is the amount of batteries you can charge with one charger), but I have had them up to 15 amps/bank. We all know slow charges are better, but when you need those batteries fresh the next morning after fishing all day the 15amps really shine. The next one they make is one that charges your other batteries on the run/water. Once your motor charges your cranking batterie power is switched to the other batteries. This works fine on the run, but under a troll it wouldnt benefit you i dont think. What you might want to try is hooking your batteries up in series. I know a bunch of guys who run 36v trolling motors and only use 3 batteries in the whole boat.
  5. Yeah, but it said I posted mine at 3:45am? Thats kind a wierd. What should I use for the time zone here? I dont understand it completely.
  6. Yeah, but it said I posted mine at 3:45am? Thats kind a wierd.
  7. I dont ever look at the top locked threads, and I was in bed by 12 last night. That time stamp is off. Its that freakin EBAY. Its draining my bank account! And lastly - Hank - screw the boat Im thinking bout ICE!!!!!!!
  8. Is the site really going to that format? That looks cool if it is.
  9. Cant wait to chat with you when your up there!
  10. Im hoping. Ive been monitering the weather buddy. we might get a few days on BB.
  11. Rich, you must have been in the wrong spot. That rod wouldnt have lasted mroe than 30 seconds in the water! Nice shots.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Them are some beauties! I love that place. Have you been getting a lot of them? I might have to make a trip! So Bri, Tell me about all the ice gear you wasted your money on this year? You shouls have waited a little longer and you could have gotten it all on clearance.
  13. I have 2 sets of "big" planner boards. Both are wood constructed versions. One, I believe, is a home made version. The other, if my mind serves me correctly, is a tru-trac set. Both are in good working condition. Asking $50/set OBO. Would rather not ship these due to the fact I would have to pull them apart, but it is possible. Becasue of this I will help with delivery. Newer plastic models sell for around $75-$100 per one.
  14. WOW - You hit every boat on the money dude! Thats funny!
  15. I experimented with hanging a deer drag pad behind a ball loaded with Smelly Jelly Herring this Spring. I also doused some flies in it. I honestly couldnt see a difference. Do I think it coud entice a weary salmon every once and a while? Maybe, but enough to say you have to use it? Nope! Just my .02$.
  16. I have spoke with a few Captains, and they are very upset. A lot of them are thinking about boycotting the entire trail. These are Captains that place in these tournaments too. Im most likely going to fish them, but onyl becasue it is a family thing with my father and my brother. I too think the communication rule stinks!!!!!!!! You talk about not being able to enforce a rule? A good friend of mine said it like this: We have speed limits, but those arent truly enforceable. But we still have them. What happens when you get caught breaking it? You get penalized. So if you get caught communicating during a non communication tourney you should be disqualified! Its that simple. Observers ar there to protect this rule!
  17. Fishing was mediocre at best. Started around 11:45 and fished till 3. A lot of medium sized fish. We fished 30-50 most of the afternoon. Still great to be out!
  18. I had to share this with you guys.....Some of thee are way too funny! http://www.ffbookmarks.com/fishing_quotes.htm
  19. Chinook - I ran McCoy Mean Green this year on all my downrigger rods. During the middle of summer when everything was picking up fleas this stuff worked mint! Yeah you would get a couple of inches here and there, but for the mosty part they couldnt cling to it. Im talking during the period where the wire couldnt be in the water for more than 30 minutes without getting a few feet of them on it. I ran it in 25lb test (mainly becasue I was running all spinnies). The 15lb test (which I ran my spoons off) did well too when it was down. I am running it again this summer and will report on the flea issue next winter, but Im sure satisfied with it.
  20. I wouldnt say Im using the "right" rod, but at the moment I am using a 10" Dipsey rod. I just figured that with the extra length I could pull in more line per pump. I see the leadcore rods for sale are much shorter that 10'. It will be interesting to see whats said about this topic.
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