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  1. If only Braddocks outlet was more relaible. That would be a nice place for a Charter Marina.
  2. I like the 10'6" rods. I feel they get the spread a little wider. Plus on turns that extra foot helps keep the wire away from your outside riggers. Its all a personal preference. I know guys who use 8' rods too. I plan on getting two more wires on shorter rods so I can run 4 wires in the spring and fall.
  3. Yeah, but stinger uses an orange dot. Bill made me red becasue he didnt have orange. But I want to try green too.
  4. No they are a spoon I had him paint up for me. No secrets here. It is an imitation of Stingers Penguin. He started calling them Wobblers.
  5. I thought we put split rings on them? By the way Am I gonna get green and orange wobblers before spring?
  6. I beg to differ. If that spoon was SSSSSOOOOOOO great how come I dont see a swivel attached to it? The hook looks like it was placed there too! Never caughty a fish with the hook chillin in that spot. No split ring either? Wow, you know what? I think you placed that there buddy!
  7. Ask Gary Beggy about lowering the outriggers there He currently owns own shorter than the other.
  8. Well, I know your going to have to take your rods down everytime you come in to and leave the dock. I dont think I could get mine under the bridge, but Mr Rebel would be better to ask than me.
  9. Right now it sits on my boat. Motor is in good shape. $400+ shipping Only cosmetic thing wrong with it is where the wires connect to the head unit. The rubber sheath over the wires is torn and being held on there by tape. It happened on my other TM so I have to assume it is a common thing.
  10. Ok, lets see if you guys can hold back about how good the Habenaro is this upcoming year. Billy's head doesnt need to get any bigger down there in that hop, skip, and a jump through town of Fairhaven. DEAL?
  11. Yeah there generally is a laser ladder too, but I have seen it run both ways.
  12. Purple was my color 2 seasons ago, but this season it didnt do nearly enough for me!
  13. Great job I really like the exta forums.
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