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  1. OK here ya go.... The one that got astray was b/c me and a buddy tried to shoot at the same time to see whos arrow got there first. 60yards and that white dot is 3inches round.
  2. I dont know what your talking about Billy!
  3. Just dont run me over like you did themboys over near Braddocks! Bythe way your buddy in the pic below docks next to them....LOL
  4. Typically flutter spoons work best at slow speeds. Most spoon manufacturers spoons now a days can troll down nicely. I think your best bet would be NK lites, Stingers, and evil eyes.
  5. Hey, thanks for the stats. Why is alleghany still down? Let me guess could it be money....LOL? Something interesting I found out about the other night at our meeting was for every dollar the State invests into sportfishing it recieves 8 back. Thats a pretty good return dont ya think? Oh, I forgot in my earlier post that collectvley a bunch of organizations funded a pump for the Salmon rover hatchery b/c the one they had was broken or about to break. WE got them a nice brand new pump and its been a year and it still isnt in use. You know why? Becasue it isnt as efficient as the state wanted it to be by less than a couple percent! And ther isnt even a law or regualtion that states how efficient it must be! Not to mention the pump we all chipped in to buy was a heck of a lot more efficient than what they had!
  6. OK guys.......have you had enough of NYS DEC bull crap? A few years ago we lost our stocking numbers for Lake Trout (Gamble and Jax I know you guys were very very upset about this). We still arent stocking the numbers we were before VHS.....why? Now we are short Salmon eggs! Which means that all our pen projects are at jepordy. We have pretty good data that shows the impact of these pens over normal stocking (from what I am told, but I have never seen it). Instead of the DEC coming up with a contingency plan if we didnt make our quota they told us not to worry it will rain. Im no rocket scientist, but when a meteoroligst goes to school for X amount of years and cant get it right how does a DEC employee know its going to rain. Who knows whats next, but Im not willing to wait. Someone needs to hear about this, and the best way is to write to our supposed leaders. The only way they are going to listen is when we start talking money. As in how much the state will loose if the fishery goes down the drain. I appologize for my rant, but we cant sit back and let this stuff happen. So, I am asking anyone out there that enjoys what we have to fight for it. Join an association that can help you fight for what you want. LOTSA is a great one and the Genesee Charter Boat Association is another. I personally am drafting up a letter with figures from the LOC newspaper on how much the fishery brings to NYS. I encourage you to do the same. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  7. Maybe when the moron at the DEC told us not to worry it would rain and we would have no problem collecting this years quota of eggs he was talking about it raining elsewhere!
  8. Im running a depth raider and so are a bunch of other gys on here. The probe is smaller and u are less likely to ruin it with water since the guts are seperated fromthe battery. Both use the same technology, so u cant go wrong with either. It coems down to digital or analog.
  9. Whats to say a captain cant stash his blakberry in the head of his boat and the observer is thinking he is taking a leak but he is e-mailing or texting his buddies.........not my rule nor do I like it but its a reality. When you have this much money on the line you need rules that are enforceable.
  10. We get a bunch of "nuisence" permits each summer and hunting season. I know most of them get filled too. On top of these are the DMP (party permits). So each year there is a lot of deer taken off our farm we lease. Unfortunatley, and we havent caught them in the act, some of the guys take bucks with those. I wouldnt mind seeing the "nuisence permits" disappear, but then again we always see deer on our hill.
  11. If your reffering to LO...nothey dont. As for the open communication, I wouldnt expect to see a change anytime soon. As far as the t-comittee is concerned (and other people involed in the tourneys) there is no way to poilce this. Thier thoughts are dont have a rule you cant enforce.
  12. (2) In good condition used for 10 seasons (give or take a few), and loaded with 1000' of 30lb wire. $50/reel shipped
  13. These reels are two seasons old, and still in very good condition. They are already loaded with Mason redi-core with 100' of 25lb McCoy Mean Green. Brang new replacement cost: NEW PRICE - $80 PER REEL!
  14. Im almost posative thats Big Hit Charters (Captain Jeff Goater). When are you gonna get a picture of my ride?
  15. WE hunt Skyline farm on Jackson Hill rd. My buddy Marcus has family that own parcels in the area and there is a hunt club next to us that only hunts their land during opening weekend so we hunt there after them.
  16. proir to this years rifle season it was an opportunity to see what a rifle can do to a deer in person. I know my group always took advatage of this.
  17. When I am given nuisence permits I take the animal. I dont leave it there for the coyotes to feast on.
  18. So you were looking for please no! Huh.....At least I got pictures to back up my stories! You just got stories......
  19. I knew you were lying when you said you only knew how to look at please no on the internet Marcus! AND, you bought the hat WAY before the boat. So, it never came with it. Another tidbit is........your first post shouldnt be derogatory. I would make friends on here first before you go smashing people. Have a nice day! By the way......lets get some guys together so we can drive the heck out of everything this weekend! Bring your muzzleloader if you want to shoot it too!
  20. Im in south steuben and we have a very healthy deer heard. We coiunted over 100 one night driving around one square piece of property. OUr coyote population and coy dogs are out of control too. We are going to pummel them once the deer season is over. TRUST ME!
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