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  1. The bass thing is about to start! Im going to be on Oneida, practicing for the state tournament on Sunday of opening weekend, both days this weekend and Friday and Saturday next week. I need to get into the swing of things because I have been trolling for too damn long! Wish me luck! I'll keep an eye out for the delivery. I talked with Andy too about gettig you guys a cottage instead of a room above a bar. He's going to look into it since he is the Mayor of Wilson! You know you guys cuold always come down and observe for us! Im looking for an observer for the Oswego Pro-Am if you are interested!
  2. Nope, they are black in color with about a 6" chartruse tip.
  3. NO KNOTS! The fish doctor, Ernie L, uses the inline Spro swivels. Im not sure how Tom from ATOMIK is doing his, but I would imagine its the same. When hooking the copper to the swivel it is more of a wrap than a knot. I need to learn how to do it but if you would like I can take a picture of it tomarrow and post it, but its not going to tell you how to do it. I have my copper in all the time now. In the Orleans Pro-Am it took my biggest king. Since I have been running it the set-up has taken a fish every trip except for this past weekend. Kinda big and bulky, but it WORKS.
  4. Not here, but it does look like nice stuff!
  5. It was my understanding you needed one every time.
  6. Hey Gamble look........there are other like you!
  7. We do it all the time. (Fingers Crossed) But we tend to stay off expressways because there are fastwer routes to the Lake from our house. The only expressway we use a lot would be the parkway.
  8. Dude i have a buddy who is very interested but wants to see some pictures.
  9. Hey Del......I talked with the screamer/atomik boys and they wanted me to post thier proposed changes for them since they arent members of the board. So here they go: 1. No bonus laker - make it part of the limit like the Pro's 2. 9 fish limit-> because once we reach the east end the fishing is most likely gonna go deep, and these fish wont be able to survive getting brought up into 70 degree water and then released. Keep the 2 man team with the observer needing a fishing license, and a 9 fish limit is still legal 3. No Communication
  10. Gotta love that Wilson boat house! Man did the fishing turn to crap this weekend. You need to come back earlier in the month!
  11. Well, what a difference a week makes! So, here we go: Friday Practice - Went west to 4mile and got on some fish but the bite was slow. teenage kings a few bows and cohos mixed in. Headed East to the red barn and worked our water from the week before and immediatly we found out the fish were still there. Ended the day with a 200pt box Saturday Day One - Went East and the fish were still there but obtained lock jaw over night. We boated our first fish around 8 then another one quick and then within 30 minutes a 8lb bow. SO now within an hour we did 2 cohos and a bow. Well, that was it for the rest of the day. :evil: Sunday Day Two - From listening to reports from the prior day we headed West. Buddies got the west and the bigger fish for the most part came from the west. Went the day with 3 shorts and 4 misses. Fish were there but the lock jaw was still in effect. Very frustrating! Although we didnt repeat the week prior it was still a good time with friends. You get to meet a lot of people all over the lake during these tournaments and have a lot of fun when not fishing.
  12. Brand new in the box - Color fishfinder/map/GPS $550
  13. Powder blue or moss green......it doesnt matter! I LOOK GOOD! I bought those specificaly to match the bass boat. I have a silver pair on order too. You guys can make fun of them all you want but they are the most comfortable things to wear on the boat, and they give you some cool tan lines!
  14. Hey Tom....I hear you kicked Jax's butt out there? You think he would have learned something this weekend watching me and my brother? By the way.....di I mention his new name on my boat? Its Boat B**ch! Im sure he will tell you why. But he does searve up a nice cold pepsi, and bring you rubberbands when you need them quite well.
  15. Hey I know this doesnt pertain to me anymore, but I hear both sides points very clearly. One thing to remember is as an AM team you can release fish that you dont want. So Cohos can go back inthe above situation. Another thing to remember is this isnt all about just going out and getting a limit. Its about finding the Salmon and then looking for "limit fish" if the Salmon arent cooperating. Generally Cohos, Steelies, and Browns wont be hanging in the same part of the water colum as a mature king this time of year (I said generally ). Lets look at team Screamer. They had a 6 fish Salmon limit with all mature Salmon on day one, and no laker. On day two they brought 5 Salmon to the scales and again no laker, and they won the dang tourney! These guys consistantly win all over the lake and they are plain jane weekend warriors. I dont want to start a pissing match with anyone, but this tourney is about finding the better class of fish, and from the example above it isnt always about the laker or 6 and 9 fish limits.
  16. Im doing the state tournies so if you see me and my blue ranger say Hi!
  17. Richard - a little tip (get the bigger rings) that my of helped me recently if u know what i mean.
  18. Go for it Nick! You will really enjoy yourself. Good competition and great comrodery. Even when guys like Del were a little ticked off about rule changes I can bet him and his team had a good time for the most part. His team is always fishing these t-ments and hopefully will continue to fish them.
  19. Eric - dont say I didnt warn you! Most likely you will be fishing for Brown Trout.
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