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  1. I dont know but im not going under 50lb!
  2. Brand new in the box never used. Great handheld GPS reciever with mapping tech. $150 (includes shipping)
  3. 3 for sale retialed at $90/rod. These would make great rods for the person who wants a high end rod. They would make for a nice trolling rod for the smaller salmon and Trout on the Finger Lakes, but could easily handle a LO King! Asking $200 for all 3! http://www.fish307.com/index.asp?PageAc ... rodID=8323 Detailed Description Built from IM7 Graphite, these custom trolling rods from FISH307 are made to our own specifications. These rods are lightweight with a specialized taper to them for a sensitive tip, yet plenty of backbone for strong hooksets and forced releases. The corrosion-resistant reel seats ensure long life and enables the rods to be used for salt or freshwater fishing. All FISH307 Trolling Rods Feature: 2 Piece Rod EZ Grip Foam Handle - 4-1/2" Fore grip and 10" Back grip Graphite Reel Seats with Stainless Steel Hoods Pacific Bay Guides Lifetime Limited Warranty Length: 9' Pieces: 2 Action: Medium Line Weight: 10-17lb
  4. 6 - White double crushed glow 6 - Green Oil slick glow/Oil slick green These are the adjustable dodgers/flashers. They retail for $11/flasher. I will let all 12 go for $100 (includes shipping), or 6 go for $54 (includes shipping).
  5. I would head out to the lake in front of mud bay. There are two islands (Fox and Grenadier) that have some nice SM living around. There is also a red bard outside of mud bay where a hole is. That holds a lot of SM too. AS for Walleye, Im sure the shoals right out the mouth of the river are holding them.
  6. I do 20-22" and I know Billy does 23". Find what works for you!
  7. Walleye....I was giving btfc1752 some friendly advice. I have no idea why he would want to target Laker soi nthe morning when the King action is slammin. I know of guys this week going out with 6 rod spreads and getting 12 bites in a few hours from Olcott to Oswego. Why go farming for lakers when you can get into some nice King action ALL DAY LONG?
  8. LOL!!!!! And I ran the otterboats int hat stuff all day long with copper off it!
  9. Oh come on guys! They were 2-4's at best!
  10. I think you have your priorities mixed up.....You should be fishing Kings in the morning, and then Kings in the afternoon, and then Kings in the evening. No need fofr trout b/c the Kings are on fire all over the lake this year.
  11. Im running the blacks aBove the probe and Im not using the tape they provide you. Top it off with a beat up cable and Im still getting readings down past 130! Got to love that unit!
  12. S&R down at Irodequoit was supposed to order some. I got him the contacts he needed and he seemed interested in the product. If not then you can buy direct from thier website. http://www.mccoyfishingline.com/ It is a west coat company so thier presence here isnt very good, yet. In the bass world I live in I have turned many people in to McCoy users localy. Last year I started using it on my Salmon rods to find out it didnt collect fleas. I was impressed!
  13. I run 25lb McCoy Mean Green and never have to worry about fleas on my lines. Jax can atest to that. Maybe an inch here or there but it never stops me from reelin in the fish.
  14. I wouldnt reccomend anything lighter than a M action but would prefer a MH. If your running it down the chute I like a shorter rod.
  15. I have used the 8' Shimano TDR and also the 9'6" Daiwa Heartland Dipsey rod.
  16. Hey Ray.....by the way it was nice meeting you this weekend. Sorry for the poor attitude but I take competition seriously and I wasnt to thrilled with my performance this past weekend. Not to mention the money I lost in gear! You guys did a great job together and i would reccommend you three do some more of these tourneys.
  17. Man did this lake get tough! Out of 32 boats I just missed the top 6 by one measly fish, and I only weighed in 3 fish! What a difference a week makes. Well, anyway the water is pea green and the weeds are starting to slime up. I hope it gets a little better soon!
  18. So....Team L.O.U.S.E.R.S. is already taken.....so what are you guys callin yourself?
  19. I agree with Gambel. The spros have bee working really good for me the past year or two and I believe they are cheaper. AS for size Im not sure what Im running, but when running a spoon I hate a big swivel at the end of my line.
  20. Right now I am using 25lb test McCoy Mean Green. There isnt a line counter on my Penn 345 so I made 10 passes. I think it is well over 100' long, which is fine. I would say as long as you got 100' your doin well. If you are using the spro swivels like Ernie used make sure you always check to make sure the copper is still wound tightly. If the end starts to stand up it will nick your line. There is another knot you can use and I plan on having team Screamer show me since they use it.
  21. 2500 and thats the bottom line! Let me know if you consider. I did teach you everything you know!
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