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  1. Hey Scott, I got yor messgage Saturday night and tried like heck to get up Sunday morning to meet up with you. Problem was that I had 3 hours of sleep Friday night and then I fished from sun up to sun down on Saturday.
  2. Fished from sun up to sun down. We did 16 Pike and dropped 4. We had two females just under 9lbs, but the rest were all long skinny males.
  3. Yeah, that was my friend Brian in that article. I am , however, famous!
  4. With rising gas prices I think Chevy takes the cake with its MPG.
  5. I have a 2005 Chevy 1500 with an extended cab. It has the 5.3 small block V8 in it. I have towed my dads boat from Sodus with no problem. On the highway I get over 19MPG, which aint bad for a full size four wheel drive truck. I pulled my 17' bass boat from Ticonderoga to Rochester on one tank of gas too. I would really reccomend looking at these trucks. gas mileage is good and they ride real nice.
  6. It figures you would find a way to catch mud puppies through the ice! Whats wrong with you? Nice photos anyway!
  7. Good to have ya on board! You'll learn a lot here for sure!
  8. Can you ise those in streams? How big a line would a steel head create on that flasher?
  9. I saw that the other day. That would probably get put on my wall for sure!
  10. When me and my brother were younger my dad took us across the lake to Cohberg for some Canadian summer fishing with another group of guys. Man do they have it good over there in the summer! So were fishing and a fish hits. Something happened to the reel and we had to cut the line and tie it to another rod and reel. Well after we finished tieing it up to the other rod and reel the guys noticed that they never took the line out of the other rod. So here we are on video camera fighting a Salmon with 2 rods.
  11. I was using 15 on my spoon rods and 25 on my paddle rods. You cant get it localaly, but you can order off thier website. Go to my website to link up to thiers.
  12. Ray - it still is 5/person. We had 3 people out there with us. I dotn have a camera, but we are going to try one this weekend on Honeoye. My buddies father has one.
  13. I would check out Hammerhead cowbells. These have brought many a fish to the scales in the LOC.
  14. Well, first off thanks for the responses! I think I am going to try 3 of them on my riggers. Currently I run a line called McCoy Mean Green. Last year during peak flea times I would bring up my wires and have a foot or so on them and then the rigger rod with McCoy would come up and there would be an inch here and maybe an inch there. Jax, on the board, can vouch for that. So, with that in mind I guess Im gonna give them a shot.
  15. In my experience usually ones hotter than the other. I dont pay too much attention to the 100 rule. I wont run a spinny or chip any closer than 20', usually. As for spoons I dont run them much farther than 15' behind the ball. If they are hitting spinnies and chips off the wires then go down on the riggers with them. I had numerous times last year where all I had in the water was paddles.
  16. First one on the ice at 5:30am and last one off at 6pm. 15 tip up spread all day long. Managed to go 4 for 6. 2 quick bites inthe morning and 2 quick bites in the last few minutes of light. Made for a long day. Good thing we brought the grill and cooked up some sausage and peppers.
  17. Nope, my passport application. I figured I better get it soon if they are going to make it manditory later.
  18. Anyone have any experience with the interline rods for downriggin? I have a couple flippin sticks I use bass fishing, but never used them downriggin. Pro/Cons?
  19. NICE! Im going to be at the South end Saturday morning. If you are there and see a fat guy in a bright orange coat come over.
  20. Dang Mikejones! I have to find me a suger mama like that! I always find the pretty/dumb ones! OK, that might have been mean. Back to school I am going to pursure my MBA, but I was thinking about gettnig a teachers certificate so I can fish ALL SUMMER LONG! If I could only go back in time.
  21. Hey Mikejones! How about a grant for grad school?
  22. I am an Inventory Control Supervisor for a Science Education Division. The three companies I wok for are Wards Natural Science, Sargent Welch, and Science Kit. We have some cool things here! We make our own Preserved Materials, we have a slides lab, a Chemistry lab, Geology Dept., Osteology Dept., and so on. Anything to do with Science education in schools we have a hand in.
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