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  1. Steve, keep an eye on how he bends those spoons! PM me with any and all secrets PLEASE!
  2. I'll be there either Saturday morning or afternoon. I cant wait! I love those Conesus pigs!
  3. I dont think that is a great price either!
  4. OK, I appologize about the late report! 1/27 - fished from 6:30-3. 6 flags 3 pike all hits came on pike chubs. Mst of the action came later on in the afternoon when the wind picked up and the lake started to rock and roll. Fished the old pipe grave yard. Man I am pizzed they removed those pipes! 1/28 - fished from 6-12. 6 flags again and no pike. 5 flags were live and 1 was smelt. Brought the tipdowns to keep the ol' lady happy and we iced about 14 perch. Kept 6 that went 10-12". Not a lot of perch action but the ones we did get were nice.
  5. I have heard outboards are easier to work on, but I dont know personally.
  6. I think Bill is staying in my Marina. We are at the Boat House.
  7. Matt, I too looked into them before I got my Scotties. If i remember correctly they dont have shut offs when the ball reaches the surface. That might be a problem coming from cannons where your used to the short stops.
  8. Mick....thats a whole new thread. Im sure these guys will toss thier opinion your way.
  9. Wait till you get a hold of the bartender. Shes a knock out for sure!
  10. That is truly the most comfortable rig on the Great Lakes IMHO! If only I could afford one!~
  11. Nope, I fished candelwood last year too. It is a phenominal lake for SM and there are some nice LM in there too. There will probably be about 100 boats. It is a team tourney, so me and a friend will be participating. I think first place is $4000. Last year there were a couple of Pro's there fishing it.
  12. Wow, I didnt know CT was that big. Thanks for the input on the site.
  13. Hey maybe you guys can kiss and meet when Dan Charters the Candy boat up in Wilson.
  14. I talked to Yvan today and it is the last weekend of April. Im gonna be fishing a big bass tourney in Conneticut that weekend. It was also supposed to be the weekend I brought the boat down to Wilson. But I guess we are bringing it down the Thursday b4 the derby.
  15. Hey Guy.....You guys thinkin bout doing the St. Cathy Tourney?
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