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  1. Richard - a little tip (get the bigger rings) that my of helped me recently if u know what i mean.
  2. Go for it Nick! You will really enjoy yourself. Good competition and great comrodery. Even when guys like Del were a little ticked off about rule changes I can bet him and his team had a good time for the most part. His team is always fishing these t-ments and hopefully will continue to fish them.
  3. Eric - dont say I didnt warn you! Most likely you will be fishing for Brown Trout.
  4. Oh, OK. A friend of mine is on thier pro-staff and runs a Couger FTD. They arent bad boats! Good luck!
  5. I have never used slide divers with wire so I dont know how deep they can go, but I know my wire rigs with a regular ring will achieve depths of 100+feet. Kings are generally deeper than 40' which is about the deepest i thougha slide diver could go, but I may be wrong. As for color I love the purple metalic and clear dipseys, but i also have my share of black ones. Go with what works for you though.
  6. Nope its my first time in a few years. i want to go back thi september though.
  7. Yup and they are required to have a NYS fishing license.
  8. If your fishing the bar then the slide divers are going to be great for the cohos and rainbows. Swet them on a 5 and put them back there with something red or orange. If you want kings i would suggest straight dipsey divers with wire and set them DEEP.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/25-NK-C5-spoons_W0Q ... dZViewItem Hurry Jeff!
  10. It looks to be 30lb test copper, and the reel is in good shape with some minor surface oxidation. This set up brand new is $200. Asking $175 + shipping.
  11. Yeah I talked to Pete and he told me. We had a case of the droppsies too. I lost a good one on the wire and we had a 15lb'r tangle in the wire. Then a few more that were on for a minute then gone all of a sudden. We figured it might be that they were hitting fromthe side and not from behind.
  12. 4 daiwa lincounters for sale. They are the great lakes editions. Upgraded to the new sealines. $55+shipping/each
  13. 1 day charter worth $475, and the second day is half off. So a total of $712.50 value. Will sell for $600 OBO
  14. 6 brand new rods still in the plastic $40/rod OBO. Will take $220 for all 6.
  15. I have four brand new never used. Retail on them is $43. $160 for all four or $40/each.
  16. 6 - 8'3" rods brand new in the plastic. BPS price is $50. Will sell all 6 for $250 or $45/each.
  17. Hey guys! Thanks for all the messages the past day or so. I have a funny story for you guys though. Im not going into details about this past weekend because of the tourney this weekend. Thursday night - get home from bass fishing and my dad tells me we cant leave for practice untill around 10am on Friday. So, I flip out and basically cancel the tourney for us. I didnt want to show up with no practice and get slammed by the guys practicing for 1-2 days. Friday morning - wake up with the intention of going to work and I get a call froma buddy. The words "wanna go to lake erie" come out of my mouth. So away we go to lake erie. Pull out of Sturgeon point harbor and run about 6 miles when the alarm in my outboard starts screaming. IM OUT OF OIL! SOB! So back to the harbor on the trolling motor. Get there around 12ish and get oil at $35 a gallon. Go back out and the lake kicked up. So, we head to Wilson to do some LM fishing. Get there and it rains on me. I get a call from Billy V and he tells me im stupid not to fish this tourney. So aftyer him and my brother hounded me for hours I finally said FINE and went to registration. So its Saturday morning around 8:30-9:00am. Just put the 10th Salmon in the box (this is after we started fishing somewhere close to 7:45) and I get the rods re-set. Im eating a sandwich and i look to the swim platform and there is a salmon bouncing on it. Its the fish we just boxed! All said and done it swims away! I call Mike Waterhouse to find out we can only bring in 11 fish now. So after day one we are in 2nd by 3 points. Sunday morning - Get out to the fishing grounds and the fish arent there as thick but there is still some salmon there. I opted not to go for the steel and cohos and fish just salmon. 4 wires, 3 riggers, 1 600' copper. We start wackin them but the size was down. All the big boys seem to spit the hook on us this day. at 11:30 we were at 9 fish and I made the decision to finish our limit with steel and coho. Put 4 rods on boards for them and within minutes we were hooked up with a nice 8ln steel. Get him in the boat and a DR fires. Get himin the boat and the dipsey fires. LIMIT COMPLETE!!
  18. Gotta make sure you look good! I had my mom pick that outfit out for me that day.
  19. Thanks boys! It was AWESOME! We had a really good time and we're getting ready for this next one!
  20. Nahhhhhhhhhh! There were pleanty of Kings around Sodus last year. I just wasnt good enough to dial them in REAL good. But if I were a local, similar to yourself, I would have them dialed in. Im not used to fishing that Eastern stuff! We always have Kings on the West side.
  21. Brown fishing is like Perch fishing. You get a lot of them but you have to sort through the tiny ones all the time! How fun is a 3lb Brownie on a DR pole? It's like trolling for smallmouth with a wire rod!
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