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  1. She's back and almost ready to go! Problem is the only way Im getting out in the next month will be if it rains! Its rolling season and we are hustling.
  2. Rich - you staying at the boathouse for the LOC?
  3. April might be a little bit too premature for the Salmon on the Bar. It all depends on weather. Mat is always a good bet though. I know Steve from King Me Charters will be stationed up there for the month of May. He is the owner of this website. Try and give him a shout to see if he has any open dates. If, and only if, he cant accomodate you I know a lot of guys up west that can including myself. Steve's a great guy with a nice boat, so give him a shout!
  4. Ray - there is a launch at for niagara. That would make your run to the bar very quick!
  5. Yeah, well after I gave up on my boat Sunday morning I shot out there on a depressed attitude. Left there $300 in the hole! So lets see....last week it was 260 and 300 this week. :shock: OUCH :shock: ! I have to stay clear of that place. On a side note the free test drive of the Tundra got me a $15 BPS gift card and a great impression of the new Tundras. They are SEXY! I might let the GMC go for one. Anyone looking for a crew cab truck has to check this one out. More leg room than any other crew I have been in. Needless to say the gift card went to a $17 jerkbait :shock: .
  6. Im gonna have to say its coming from the West! Now with me fishing 7 out of 10 days I think I have a perty good chance. But with the way my luck has been going this past week Im guessing the swivel will staighten out with about 5' to go to the net!
  7. Tim - STAY AWAY! BPS nabbed me for a couple hundred last weekend!
  8. What are you saying? You dont like to put on 17 layers of clothes and go sit out on a frozen lake? You would rather have a spring king rip off hundreds of feet of line? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?
  9. No problem! Thats what this board is for!
  10. I use these quite often too! Although, I have never tried the orange ones for the coho. I like to run these off my SWR, and this rig helped me place at Sodus this past year.
  11. I have fished the last two years without a speed and temp probe. But I seem to ctch fish by finding them with the FF. As far as speed goes check your cables and wire dipseys! Wouldnt leave home without a FF!!!!!!!! S&T can wait.
  12. Hey Mike thanks for the offer, but right now Im a weekend warrior!
  13. OK, so tell me when and I'll be there with boat in tow! You guide me. I have a feeling Billy V wants in on this too. Is the ice starting to flow down the river yet? If not when does it?
  14. Hey guys........could I do this type of fishing out of my bass boat? I want to head up there, but for one I am too scared to run the river and secondly I dont know how to fish for them. Are my concerns for running the river valid? Can it get dangerous with shallow water areas?
  15. Cool, check them out. I have to believe any Wally world has to have them. I would go with the biggest Depp Cycle you can get. The ones I was talking about are 29's.
  16. Bass and Walleye boats magazine did an write up about bateries towards the end of last year. They had the specs and prices on every battery available. After closley observing this I realized I was alreadys buying the biggest bang for my buck at Wally world. Everstart Maxx series 29. Cold cranking amps, longevity, and every other category this battery was in the top 5%. I have used them for years as my Trolling motor batteriues and never had a problem with them. I dont think you specified what you were using the batteries for thoguh? Are they going to be deep cycles or cranking? The ones mentioned above are deep cycles, although they do make a cranking battery too. The Everstarts are also priced resonablly.
  17. Mick.....if your gonna drive to Golden Hill you mise wellmake a day of it and drive the extra 30 minutes to the bar. Sometimes during the spring there is a fine line of water where those kings stop. Last year anything East of the powerplant wasnt very good.
  18. Definately! I even got Billy V to switch over to the tandom hook set-up. Look at it this way.......Can it hurt?
  19. I cant be tied down! Im following the Salmon migragtion from Canada to Oswego. With the price of gas going up I have to make my trips well worth it . Actually, I think it is fun to fish different ports throughout the year. You meat a lot of nice guys and learn new color patterns.
  20. Im using a 5/0 Gammy Octopus as the top hook 2-3 beads and then a VMC treble on the bottom. <- the ones that come on NK's. I have a ton of them so it was convienient.
  21. Fished from sun up to sun down again this Sunday and had an average day. We iced 7 pike ranging from 24" to 34". The guys next to us iced a 38" 13.8oz SLOB. All on shiners in 2-10' of water. Missed 7-8 because of the crunchy ice on top. All the drops were the shallow rigs around the crunchy ice.
  22. I had 15 on three rigger rods and 25 on another 3 rigger rods. Since I ran Spinnies most of the season I used the 25lb test. I honestly cant say whether the 15 was better, but I dont remember it being a problem at all. I will remember to try this year though.
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