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  1. LMAO! Yeah you would know about ruinin copper now wouldnt you!!!!! Im sure my day will come. Anyway, What Billy V (Jim Rome) said is about everything you need to know. There are differnt types of SS wire that guys are using. Malin is proly the most popular brand. I use a 30lb 7 strand called American fishing wire in thier camo color. It is actually a thinner diameter than Malin, but you have to be very careful with this stuff becasue if it is left limp it will curl after its been used for half a season. I have no complaints other than that. I actually think it may go a little deeper than the malin becasue of the diameter, but I have never done any testing. Per their websites the American fishing wire is .012 and the Malin is .015 inches in diameter. http://www.malinco.com/fishing/stainless_cable.html http://www.americanfishingwire.com/
  2. Gee.....now that was a long time ago!
  3. If Bill catches a Brown Trout I'm all done with the trip!
  4. When we get some ice give me a shout. I would be glad to take you.
  5. I would have reccomended Irondequoit bay for Perch, but the weather isnt looking very friendly lately.
  6. If she does give the better looking one tome and the other one can go to LandShark!
  7. Maniac - Time and Date? You tell me and I will be there! Lets make plans?
  8. Does it get rough with the current? Is that why you talked about the low freeboard? I've taken many a wave over the bow but the water is generally warmner when i do that. I got a 36volt 101 thrust trolling motor......do you thinkthat will work?
  9. TOO MANY BUTTON BUCKS are killed each year! 3 of them were killed this past weekend on the farm. If Im shooting a doea and its belly doesnt sink down then im not pulling the trigger! All of the 8 pt's taken off the farm were 2.5yr old bucks.
  10. We never traveled to the bar after the the first weekend of the Spring Derby. There were kings in front of Wilson the whole month.
  11. I have seen better! The deer I shot with the bow I saw pushing a does opening weekend of archery. I saw that all season long, but nothing crazy like 3 bucks chasing a doe.
  12. How do you hold up there in the river? Do you anchor or back troll? Think my bass boat will work up there? Are there things you have to watch out for when you running like a shoal or underwater island? I wanna go bad!
  13. I just picked up 2 of them, and I hope they work like a Lowrance. Other than that I cant help, sorry!
  14. This monday? Sure! I would be careful of the ice after yesterdays rain......but Im sure you already know that.
  15. I stayed in Clarksville at the motel right on the lake. It wasnt bad, but the cabins sound nice. That runand gun technique works well on Lake Oneida when chasing down active Smallmouth. When I was in Kerr i saw guys floating downthe middle of the res. with 4 HUGE bobbers behind the boat. I thought they were stripper fishing......
  16. I have took two trips there withthe bass boat in March/April. Neat place when your used to the round puddles we have in NY. We caugt some nice bass and some MONSTER crappie.
  17. Set up at 6am and pulled em' at 10:30. Landed 5 pike, all hammer handles, and filled up half a bucket with some real nice perch. Lost a few pike who had the droppsies and some flags where the perch were playin with us. It was a good day to be out and the ice was safe at 3". Perch took big fatheads off tipdowns. Pike were eating up our creek chubs. Headed for the southern tier to end the day and filled my last DMP! So it was a good day.
  18. I got lazy and didnt post......maybe I'll head there now and do so.
  19. Damn Steve, ya beat me to it! Whats your s/n on archerytalk?
  20. Only problem with those rods are they are a graphite blank. With the wire and the no stretch I would rather have a glass blank. Its more forgiving. Thats what the Heartland is.
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