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  1. Its my biggest bow buck so far!
  2. I only got a few left after distributing them to some of you guys! Stinger has the copper if you really want them. I think Abe's has them and I know Fat Nancy has them.
  3. Yup, Billy is right the gold, or in my case copper, outfished the regular NBK from July on through the summer. From my understanding NK ran out of the copper blanks, and sub'd the gold blanks. I really want the copper ones since they started it all, and I know how well they work.
  4. Yes it does, but make sure you boat is rigged exactly the right way length wise on either side of the knot. I can take measurments off mine if ud like. I pull a 600 off one side and a 500 off the other and i did this in 4-6's during 1 tourney.
  5. You can use a pinch pad release on the copper, only problem is the copper is so heavy that it will slap the water from the rod to the release.
  6. THis is fun but a mess to get untangled!
  7. Yeah, I got caught up in that salmon stuff too this year! I really miss the bass fishing though. I am having a hard time deciding what I want to do this year? Salmon tourneys are fun, but bass tourney's are a blast to me! Yeah, I cant wait to go back next year. Its one trip I look forward to every year.
  8. A 33' tiara thats good on gas and is trailerable! :? I think if I were to put any more chit on my rig it would sink, but I know come spring im gonna need something! I may try to run a second DR display on the bridge this year.
  9. GET IT WET - i wasnt doggin on ya! i was jsut stating some of thier points. Im here to have a good time. You didnt answer my other questions though????
  10. I know Dave and Joe from Screamer pretty good too and to make a slight adjustment to Jimmy's post they don't practice but one day before the pro-am. This is one of thier biggest arguments. Capt's are out there on the water a lot more than they are. Dave and Joe are weekend warriors, and thats it! It is very hard to compete against people who could have been out there for a week straight patterning the fish. Some capt's do this to offset some of the cost of the tourney. I also agree with the post that when your winning people start dogging you! And im not reffering to anyone on this forum. But they hear it at every event! "Why arent you going pro?" Or people talk about it behind thier backs. Its like this in every type of sporting event! IMHO.......if i was winning 5k 2-3 times a year.........I dont think i would change a thing! Yvan - keep your Canadian thoughts to yourself! LMAO!!!!! Cant wait till May dude! By the way.....what the hell did you buy? Didnt you just get that boat rigged the way you wanted it with the hardtop? By the way did Scotty start to produce those rod holders you had on it or would I still have to cut out some of it?
  11. i cant vote b/c it all depends on my mood and whats been hot. This year by fly bite didnt take off till mid summer. We used a lot of spoons..........especially up west this spring. So what I would do is spoon the riggers and put paddle son the wires. Towards late summer everything had a paddle on it.
  12. Im just joking! Its my old mans name and everyone knows us by that.
  13. Nope, that was a weekend or two before last weekend. It took 2 6lb'ers and a 4lber for 16+lb's to win! I have never fished the dash, but it sounds like fun.
  14. Damn they put that gold NBK into production already? Billy and I were just experimenting with them over the last month of the season. Hands down they will outproduce a silver NBK! I had the copper blanks and Billy had the gold. Both worked well!
  15. First off Im the only person who is allowed to use Yankee in thier name! So lets get that straight! I havent played with the new 10HS, but I think Billy V has them and he loves them. I switched to Scotties, and to be honest with you I dont think I could ever go back to a cannon. But the white ones do look cool! There isnt a rigger out there that can let me rig as fast as I can with a scotty.
  16. Well Black lake was good and bad to us! We got down there on Thursday night and heard the fishing was OK at best. GREAT! I have been getting my butt kicked on Conesus this year and now I have to struggle on my little vacation with the guys. The water in the main lake was so green when I threw a rooster with the old yammie it was green! YUCK! Anyway when you got towards each end the water cleared up nicely. 10/5 – So, we blast off and due to the fact we got breakfast the topwater bite was all but on my mind. I grabbed the old go to jip n pig and a purple tube to pitch. I also grabbed a zappu, a shaky head, a senko, a drop-shot, and whatever else I though might get me bit. Well from 7am to 11:30 we were left with one short fish off the drop shot on a green weenie roboworm. Back on the water around 1am due to the fact we mad some samiches and had to find some DFI oil for the old yammie. Not an easy task in the middle of no-where. LOL Hit the water and head up the north east arm and find some great weeds. I ended up poppin a keeper on a jig and 6 other 13-15â€Â
  17. Arent those Abu Garcia? Are they the black ones if so?
  18. I ran the Great Lakes on my wires for over 10yrs. Now I switched to the Sealines and they are working out just fine. You cant go wrong with a Daiwa levelwind.
  19. When I purchased my Bass Boat out of state thier banks actually killed the local banks interest rate. Prior I had a internet boat loan company that was going to finance it, but they required more paperwork than a bank. In the end a bank in Tennessee beat that rate. I have a feeling that this might be a private owner which will kill this idea, but I figured I would throw it out there anyway.
  20. OK I just was informed that these are the dates: may 31 & June 1 for Niagara June 7 & 8 for Orleans July 12 & 13 for Oswego July 19 & 20 for Wayne
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