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  1. Dropped in around 7 and fished till 9. Boat had some overheating problems so we couldnt troll down too much and had to keep throwing it in Neutral to rev the engine. Finally called it quits at 9. Plucked a nice 8lb bow off the boards on my noode rod and that was the ony action for the morning. That is until I came back with the bass boat and loaded up on some LM, most of them were small though.
  2. Whats up hommie? nice post! I will b out tomarow morning. Hope I do OK!
  3. 9am and i could walk across the ice it was so thick!
  4. I drove over to the river today and it was loaded with ice! A lot to melt in 2 weeks!
  5. Man, if I would have read this earlier I would have checked. I just got back from buzzing around the bay doin a little bass fishing.
  6. I go 10' but I can do that with the boat I have. Your boat will decide how long a lead u can have. You have to be able to net the fish!
  7. Try the Wilson House, not the Wilson Boat House, and lakeview Motels
  8. Bahajoe - I think its 9 up front and 14 behind. I think as long as there is a 5" difference your good.
  9. Yeah! I ran Scotty's all year last year and never once had a ball bangin experience. But they sure are fast to re-set. Open the clutch ad as fast as they can fall they fall, and I have never had a lure come up and catch the cable. I have had weeds collect on the cable and move the beads. That sux!
  10. Single rod holders with a 45deg angle. $40 for the pair shipped. 4 rod rodholder. Great to store rods out of the way. $75 OBO Home made double for a cannon downrigger. $30 shipped
  11. Hey bro! AS much as I would like to stay with Daiwa I think Im gonna have to invest in Penns. Daiwas might fit up to 300' of copper with backing and leader.
  12. Tommy, R u guys using short or long sticks with this stuff? I am ordering the new Daiwa 7' core rods to replace 10' diver rods I was using.
  13. 2 of them in very good condition. Ued for core the past few years, and slightly used for mono dipseys prior to the core. $40 for the pair
  14. Pics available if interested. Would be nice for a hardtop or the back downrigger plate. Nice shape! $75
  15. One reel left and one heartland. The rod has a missing butt piece, but other than that is in good working shape. $60 takes it
  16. Thats part of a sexy boat next to the 288 in the first picture!
  17. Hey Rob, I dont know if Im going to sell you but I will let you in on why Im running it. For one I fell in love with lead core last year. It was 2 more rods in a stealth mode running in the strike zone. For spring and fall it was a great producer. A full core is 300'. I can achieve the same depth with 200' of copper. So for customers and tournaments that is 100' less we have to reel in. As for the 600' copper which has become popular in the Eastern Basin you can achieve depths of up to 130' with a spoon. Now Ernie marked the copper every 50'. Say your going along and you mark a fish at 90'. That would equate to about 400' of copper. You can run to the back of the boat and adjust your copper to 400'. If that King doesnt take your offering from the riggers and Dipseys this rig will come in all by itself a long time after everything else and possibly catch you a fish you would have passed up. This is critical during busy days when there are a lot of balls and dipseys running through the water. I am also going to make some diferent sections to pull behind boards. I would like to, and this depends on capitol to buy the reels, add a 100 foot sections for cohos and bows, im replacing my core with 2 - 200' sections, a 300' section, and a 400' section. If I run these off boards I can cover, stealthy, the water column from 20' to 100'. Ernie says at 2.7 SOG you can achieve 22' down per 100' of copper out pulling a spoon. So there ya go!
  18. Welland Canal! With the way the weather is going they wont be in America yet, unfortunately.
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